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Tower Tarot Card Pendant .925 Sterling Silver - small Tower Tarot jewelry USA

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  • Tower Tarot Card Pendant - Symbol of Change and the Removal of Obstacles.
  • Handcrafted in .925 Sterling Silver in the USA.
  • Size: 1 inch h x 5/8 inch w without bail. 1 1/2 inch including bail.
  • Symbolism and Meaning of the Tower Tarot Card: Significance: Removal of Obstacles; Change.
  • A tower, build upon a solid rock foundation, is struck by lightning and begins to crumble. The crown of heaven is falling and, removed from its protection, both kind and queen are tumbling to their doom. The picture is one of removal and cleansing of that which has been constricted. The card can symbolize the destruction of ego but may also show physical displacements. The positive aspect is that the bedrock remains, revealing the possibility of seeing ultimate reality freed of artificial constructs.
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