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Fool Tarot Pendant Solid .925 Sterling Silver - Small silver The Fool Tarot Card USA

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  • The Fool Tarot Card Pendant - 0 in the Major Arcana.  
  • Lovingly Handcrafted in beautiful Sterling Silver in the USA.
  • Size: 1 inch h x 5/8 inch w without bail. 1 1/2 inch including bail.
  • A young man holding the white rose of innocence in his left hand and grasping a vagabond's staff and satchel in the other, wanders with his gaze to the heavens, about to step into an abyss. His is the transformative journey of the spirit from innocence through experience into wisdom. His guardian and friend is the white dog symbolizing his own puppy-like trust and faith, for which the world labels him The Fool.
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