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Celtic Lion Wand Pendant .925 Sterling Silver with natural Crystal Point and Genuine Amethyst USA

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  • Large Celtic Lion Wand. 
  • Size: 4.25 inches in height.
  • Handcrafted in Sterling Silver in the USA.
  • Features a Quartz Crystal Point and an Amethyst Accent Stone. Genuine Natural gemstones.
  • Features a hidden bail to be worn as a necklace. Does not include a chain.
  • The Lion magick wand will hold and direct whatever your wishes may be.
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Symbolism of the Lion:

In ancient times the Lion was the companion of the Goddess and was associated with Ishtar, Astarte, Cybele and Kali. The lion was a symbol of Time, which these goddesses embodied and controlled. Sometimes the lion might be depicted with two heads looking back into the past and ahead into the future. One still sees the two lions of the Goddess at the entrances to buildings where one is the lion of yesterday and the other of today.